Top 4 Tips to Keep in Mind When Choosing a Storage Facility

When planning to move or running out of space at home, you might require somewhere to store your belongings. Looking for a place to keep your goods seems easy but can be challenging as there are many factors you need to consider. Most of these factors depend on the size of your belonging, their value, and the period you want them to stay in the storage facility. With many people offering storage services, it’s sometimes hard to pick the right storage. You need to be cautious to avoid the hidden expenses that might be great. This article will explore tips you must remember when choosing a storage facility.

  1. Be Cautious about The Introductory Deals

With the increased competition in the storage industry, most facilities will offer an introductory deal to attract you. The storage facility usually asks you to pay half for the first month or store goods for free on the first month. However, with such good deals, there is always a catch and a switch in prices. If you are not careful, you end up paying even more. It’s crucial to note that you often exceed days in a storage facility, which might lead to increased prices. This is because trips and building projects might take longer than planned. Always inquire about their terms and the payment you ought to make if you exceed days.

  1. Evaluate and Pick the Right Size

The size is crucial to consider when looking for a storage facility. Most storage units vary in size depending on the type of good you want to store. It’s very crucial to consult with an experienced moving company to help estimate the size of the room you require to store everything. If you have a lot of goods, you can consider renting two small storage rooms to make it easier to retrieve some things. It’s essential to ensure your items will fit well, both width and height, to avoid breaking.

  1. Consider the Condition of the Building

Before renting a storage facility, it’s crucial to consider the condition of the facility. Some facilities have high humidity, which leads to mold. This can lead to damage to sensitive goods and furniture. It is crucial to inquire about the facility’s humidity or evaluate its look and the floor and walls. You can also inquire about their maintenance as the room may leak due to damages caused by the last person who used it. If you doubt the facility’s humidity, you can consider buying your own battery-operated humidity monitor to help you regulate the moisture levels.

  1. Check Their Security

You need to evaluate the security levels of the storage facility you choose to ensure your goods will be safe. The facility should have good CCTVs and strict control of who has access to the building to reduce the risk of theft. Additionally, you need to buy a quality padlock and ensure you lock the doors after storing your goods.

Key Takeaway!

The above is a crucial concern when considering a storage facility. Ensure it is located in a good place where you can access it freely and with high-security levels. Additionally, inquire about the prices of renting the storage units to ensure no additional costs are imposed.

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