What You Need to Know About Montana LLCs And Car Registration

It is quite legal to establish a limited liability company (LLC) in Montana, use that LLC to buy a new car, get a Montana car registration, and then drive your car elsewhere. It is as pretty simple as that.

Corporations and LLCs are created at the state level. Despite the fact that business owners can set up an LLC in any of the 50 states, your LLC will be a resident of the state in which you choose to file the necessary paperwork to establish it.

In Montana, an LLC is regarded as a typical business entity. It is not a requirement to reside in Montana to form an LLC. In Montana, limited liability firms are permitted to own any sort of property. In Montana, many people create LLCs to purchase vehicles such as trucks, RVs, airplanes, excavators, cars, travel trailers, dozers, and even paintings. Here are benefits of Montana LLC car registration:

1.   Save Money On Sales Tax

Sales tax may be a major hassle, as anyone who has purchased a high-end vehicle knows. The absence of sales tax in Montana is the primary and most significant reason why people register car in Montana. You wouldn’t have to worry about paying sales tax even if you choose to purchase a high-end vehicle.

You can work with 5 Star Registration, the best Montana registered agent to set up a limited liability corporation, or LLC, in Montana without having to pay that exorbitant charge. The RV or vehicle can then be purchased from the LLC and registered in Montana. Here is why you should register car or RV in Montana.

This method for forming a Montana LLC has been around for a while, and lawyers in Montana frequently recommend it. It should be noted, though, that this tactic is only workable in Montana because it doesn’t require people to pay sales tax when buying a car, recreational vehicle, or camper.

2.   Lower License Fees

In addition to having no sales tax, Montana offers several extra benefits to out-of-state car owners. The additional licensing and registration fees that must be paid are among the most feared elements of buying a vehicle.

Nowadays, owning a car requires more than just buying one and using it to get to town. Car owners are obligated to cover “tag, title, and tax” costs when buying a vehicle. These expenses, which can range from $30 to $300 depending on where you reside, may not seem excessive to some people, but they soon add up to another bill you don’t want to pay. However, Montana is kind enough to offer options for cheap licensing and registration to car owners.

The state does impose a one-time, flat cost on car owners, but only if the vehicle is older than 11 years. Newer vehicles have a variety of options for renewal and registration, but in general, when registering a car in Montana, you may expect to pay significantly less than in other jurisdictions.

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