Are You Aware of the Situation of the Tiling Industry?

Between 1990 and 2000, construction industries were doing a pretty good business as there were plenty of construction projects going on during this period. Although there were a few problems with skilled labour and also insurance costs were very high.

However, because of the strong housing market as well as a growing economy, plenty of projects were going on. Unfortunately, during the end of 2000, the whole world economy nose-dived and also the housing sector also collapsed. A good number of construction businesses had to lay off their staff and to find enough work became a challenge.

During the mid-year of 2013 and 2014 things, changed and the business started turning around that kept engaged people with floor tiler experience.

Due to lower interest rates as well as falling oil prices, during 2015 wages started going up and there was sustained growth continued in this sector. During the first half of the year 2016, again recession started happening due to uncertainty in the economy. However, the work level continued to increase.

Quality standards

Various floors and wall tiling occupations usually are covered by the CSCS (Construction Skills Certification Scheme). Those tilers undertaking NVQ/QCF course may apply for the red trainee card, and those who are qualified tilers may apply for a blue or gold card.

Those tilers who have already a basic NVQ/QCF course, are also given green skills cards. Those who are at the management-level can also apply for a black-card. With a CSCS card, tilers can show their employers that they too have the training and are capable of carrying out the work.


Various materials available in the tiling industry are also regularly evolving and developing. There are many of the new materials with whom you may work regularly, including the compounds for floor levelling, tanking or damp proofing products, tile fixing adhesives, isolating membranes as well as tile backer panels due to various technological developments.

To keep up-to-date with the present tiling sector

For keeping yourself up-to-date with new developments, it is best to join a trade association. It is another effective way to demonstrate your professional integrity.

All the tile associations represent all businesses that are involved in this tile sector. It will encourage high standards in the industry, offers information about various training schemes, and also offers insurance backed scheme to do tiling work.

These tile associations can also offer information and technical advice for helping members to run their businesses. Subscribing to any trade journal can be another way to remain up-to-date.

Various bathrooms and kitchens news are for professionals who are actively involved in all aspects of installation and design. Both tile/stone journal and hospitality interiors are specialist magazines that cover all aspects of the wall and floor tiler.

Trade shows

Lots of useful information is available from various trade shows that are held from time to time about the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom exhibitions. You can get an opportunity to meet different tile manufacturers, importers, and suppliers.

You can always use different search terms like Victoria plumbing for looking up a little more information about this industry online.

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