The Best Social Media Platforms for Small Businesses

Considering that millions of people worldwide use at least one social media, it would be terrible for businesses not to utilize the platform. The target audiences are on social media all the time. With the right social media marketing strategy, it’s easier to reach out to these audiences. Understanding the best social media platforms and how they can help boost the business is the first step. Also, determining the right strategy would be easier with the aid of experts like Portland Social Media Agency. These are some of the most important platforms for small businesses to use for advertisement.


With over 2 billion users, Facebook is undoubtedly the largest social networking site around the world. It’s also the preferred advertising platform for over 65 million businesses. The popularity of this platform across countries makes it the first choice for advertising. The good thing about Facebook is that it’s easy to create an official account for businesses to advertise. Posts may contain text, images, videos, links, and other useful information. Regardless of the chosen content to advertise, Facebook is an excellent platform. Engagement among users is also high on Facebook. Potential customers can like posts, leave comments, and send direct messages.


The second largest social media platform is YouTube, with over 1.9 billion users around the world. It’s also the largest video sharing platform. It’s easy to share videos, gather subscribers, and share information. These videos are also easy to share across different social media platforms. The good thing about YouTube is that lots of people prefer to watch short videos that are easier to understand. Since people are busy, they don’t have time to read long content. They would rather watch short information presented in a video format.

Apart from directly advertising using YouTube, working with YouTube influencers is also an excellent idea. These people have a huge following. They can easily inform their followers to purchase certain products, leading to a massive increase in profits. If the influencer’s primary content is related to the products or services sold, it’s even better.


Back then, WhatsApp was primarily used for communicating with family and friends. However, it started to grow into a business advertising platform. It remains a popular messaging app and over 180 countries. This platform also allows businesses to have a presentable business profile and provide customer support. Therefore, reaching out to the target audience is a lot easier using WhatsApp.


Like WhatsApp, Messenger used to be a messaging feature. Eventually, Facebook decided to use it as a standalone app. Since then, businesses can start advertising through Messenger. They can send information using chatbots, send newsletters, and engage with potential customers. If there are inquiries about the products and services, the business can respond through this platform. Sending information to potential customers, it’s also possible, just like how email marketers do it.


For people who like to see wonderful photos, Instagram is the top social media platform. The good thing about this option is that it allows the sharing of photos, videos, stories, and even go live. Most people also think that Instagram is a more peaceful version of Twitter. People come to this platform if they don’t want to listen and read negativity. When used correctly, Instagram can be an excellent marketing platform.


This messaging platform is equivalent to Facebook for Chinese people. It’s trendy among the younger Chinese generation. Despite being concentrated only in one geographic location, it’s available across 80 countries and available in different languages. Currently, there are over 860 million users of this platform. It works like Facebook, where people can post messages, watch movies, play online, and share videos. For businesses that target the huge Chinese market, it would be a mistake not to take advantage of QQ.

Tik Tok

Tik Tok is one of the most recent social media platforms that is beginning to grow rapidly. There are over five hundred million active users right now. It also became the most downloaded up in the first quarter of 2016, beating other social media options such as Facebook. For businesses that attract younger audiences, this is the best platform to advertise. It is yet to gain popularity among older people, but it might soon get there. It’s like every video version of Instagram. People post short videos that are easy to comprehend but also exciting and entertaining.

Work with a social media agency now

Several platforms are useful in boosting the popularity of a business. The Portland Social Media Agency can be of huge help.  It’s easier to craft the right strategy with the aid of these experts.

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