4 Things You Must Consider While Creating 3D Furniture Visualization Strategy

3D furniture visualization is an important marketing tool for designing tools and increasing processing capabilities.  A professional artist makes its lifestyle, and hence it is a perfect way to get accurate materials. 3D product rendering is used in prototyping and design stages and is also used in a variety of ways that are important for presentation.

To create a 3D furniture visualization strategy, here are some of the ways to consider.

  1. 3D Asset Type

High and low polygon assets are the main types required to power 3D visualization technologies. A low poly asset is a mesh with a small number of polygons, so it lacks details and is blocky in appearance. A high poly asset has a massive number of polygons; hence it creates superior finishes and has a photorealistic appearance. The 3D product visualization technology utilizes the high poly assets only.

The low poly assets power the visual reality, augmentation, and space planning. You can convert the high poly asset to a low poly asset but not vice versa. 3D visualization of furniture creates a future proof content library of assets that you can leverage across your channels.

  1. Investment Costs

The investment cost is the obvious question most retailers ask when deciding on any new technology. According to visualization technologies, the correct way to get the answer is to look at the prisms of cos and the adoption rates. For 3D visualization, augmentation, and space planning, there are medium costs. Due to the expensive equipment and the low adoption rates, the virtual reality costs are still high.

To decide on the best and the right 3D product technology for the business might be a complex process. As a retailer, you need to be more careful in deciding on the cost investment because the 3D interior rendering services are priced per hour.

  1. Adoption Rates

It is one of the most important aspects to consider while deciding on product visualization technologies. You need to post your 3D visualization on your website for people to see your visuals whenever they visit your channel. The more people see your 3D visuals, the adoption rates for your technology are close to 100%. It is always better to take care of the aspects that will be visible to your customers.

  1. Time

When there are many products to be photographed, the time need for a professional photoshoot can add up quickly. The time required to complete the project depends on the logistics and editing. The project should include taking photos of dozens of items and multi-item showing products together instead of taking photos of a single item. The 3D rendering for photography always offers more incredible speed.

Final Words

3D product visualization helps you to set up the foundation for future growth and transformation. It is essential to consider the best factors before creating the 3D product visualization strategy to help you as a retailer. 3D visualization technology is in a continuous state of change. It is increasingly finding usages in different industrial sectors due to the implementation of innovation.

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