What You Can Learn from Home Security Reviews

Run a quick internet search on home security systems and the chances are pretty good that most of the initial results will be for reviews rather than actual products. The home security system review works well as a marketing tool, which is why brands rely on it so heavily.

The question for many consumers is whether they can actually learn anything from such reviews. Yes, they can. Even a review that claims to profile the best home security system on the market can be a treasure trove of valuable information once you cut through the hype.

3 Types of Reviews

Successfully wading through the marketing waters to get to the truly valuable information starts with understanding the type of review you are actually reading. There are three types of home security system reviews to deal with:

1. The General Review

A general review is designed primarily to give an overview of a particular brand or system. It is light on details by design. A typical review of this nature will discuss the brand briefly, then go into the particular devices and/or software a user can expect with purchase. There may be some talk of specifications, but any such discussions will be limited.

2. The Technical Review

Next is the technical review. It is often written by an industry or media expert with plenty of experience in home security systems. This type of review is easy to identify because it is heavy on the technical specifications. It discusses things like product features and innovations that set one brand apart from another.

3. The User Review

Last but not least is the user review. These types of reviews generally are not written by consumers. They are written by technology experts who have been given the actual products for testing purposes. A reviewer puts the product through its paces and then reports on their findings. For the record, producers of general and technical reviews may or may not actually test the products in question.

What You Are Paying For

In your search for the best home security system, use the home security system review as a way of gleaning information you will probably not get directly from the brand itself. For example, all three types of reviews can reveal exactly what you are paying for. A review can tell you what equipment to expect. It might even tell you how much you could expect to pay.

How the Product Compares

General reviews don’t tend to dive into product comparisons. However, technical and user reviews often do. Comparisons to other products constitute some of the most valuable information you could glean from a home security system review. So if all else fails in your search for the best home security system, seek out reviews that offer comparisons.

The Reviewer’s Opinion

Although reviewers with experience and training may work very hard to hide their personal feelings about the product being reviewed, no review can be 100% unbiased. If you know what to look for, you can learn a lot from a reviewer’s tone and word choices. That can tell you their opinion of the product in question. Then you need to weigh that opinion against other information you learn.

A home security system review should not be your only tool for determining whether to invest in a particular system or not. Reviews are helpful to some extent, but they do not tell the whole story. And always remember this: just because a brand claims to have the best home security system on the market does not make it so.

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