Wedding Ring – Catch The Perfect Match

A wedding is not a celebration which will happen in your life periodically like festivals and is indeed a dream ceremony which you will cherish lifelong. Agreed that planning a wedding may sometimes become very daunting but finding a perfect ring for the occasion would not be a problem anymore. I will try to make your life easy by sharing few tips to find a good wedding ring in Singapore.

Budget for nugget

There is a wide range of rings available in the market to match your budget. The price varies for your wedding ring based on the metal you choose. You should always bear in mind that the precious metal like platinum and the higher carat of the same will cost you more. Decide whether you and your partner really want a matching wedding ring. A matching ring will undoubtedly be an adorable choice but at the end of the day, it all depends on you both.

Wear the style

Ideally, the wedding rings are categorized as plain, shaped and stone-set. Stone-set, the ring set with diamonds or gems have become trendy nowadays in place of traditional plain rings. Shaped wedding rings have become a part of the bridal set these days. Based on your lifestyle, you can choose your style and wear it on the big occasion.

Metal and material

While for the engagement rings where the main consideration is for the diamonds, with wedding rings it is simply going to be the metal or material which plays a vital role. You may choose to have both engagement and wedding rings of the same grade of material or metal. The mostly preferred precious wedding ring metals are gold, platinum and palladium.

Wedding ring profile

The shape of the metal is what referred to as ring profile. There is a wide range of profiles available like court, diamond set court, D shape, halo, concave etc. You should always choose the one which suits you the best and is comfortable wearing.

Engrave your love   

Depending on the bandwidth of your ring, you can go with personalized engraving of the message or date of your wedding on to it. Bandwidth is entirely your choice but should be done wisely. A slender finger may look good with a smaller band while the broader finger tends to suit a larger size. Mostly the ring’s bandwidth ranges anywhere between 1.5 mm to 10 mm. Size varies depending on the ring style.

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