Shopping for rugs? Tips & tricks from an expert in carpet cleaning in Fredericksburg VA

carpet cleaning fredericksburg va

If you want to invest in a high-quality carpet, you shouldn’t rely only on the brand name, aspect, or price tag. On the contrary, you should take into consideration different characteristics of the rug, to make sure that it will last for years. Of course, not everybody is an expert, this is why we talked to a highly-trained professional in carpet cleaning in Fredericksburg VA. He works for Home & Business Services –, a family-owned company operating since 2013 in the Greater Fredericksburg Area, including the counties of Culpeper, Caroline, Spotsylvania, Stafford, Louisa, Orange, and King George.

“First of all, you have to check if there are any irregularities, they could be a clear sign that the carpet is not high-quality. When its dimensions are uneven on different sides, for square or rectangular-sized rugs, it means that it was produced quickly and cheaply. On the other hand, well-made rugs lay flat and evenly on the floor’s surface, with no curling edges or uneven sides. Furthermore, well-made carpets reflect their color much better, while cheap ones tend to appear either washed out or unnaturally bright or shiny”, the carpet cleaning Fredericksburg VA expert says. 

“Generally, the quality, as well as the cost of the carpet depend on the skills of the rug maker, together with the type and duration of the process. For example, hand-knotting obviously takes much longer than flat-weaving or hand-tufting. While machine-made carpets take less time to make, they have a lifespan of maximum of 20 years, compared to handmade rugs, that can virtually last a lifetime”, the professional in carpet cleaning from Fredericksburg VA explains.

carpet cleaning fredericksburg va

 Another important aspect to take into consideration when shopping for rugs is the number of knots per square inch. “This number could really make a difference in the quality and denseness of handmade carpets. Superior rugs contain up to 300 knots per square inch, while the least qualitative ones only have around 30 knots per square inch”, the highly-trained carpet cleaning in Fredericksburg VA professional says. “Also, you should avoid rugs from synthetic fibers at any cost, both literally and figuratively. In terms of quality and durability, I would definitely recommend wool fibers. When handmade, they could last as long as 100 years”, explains the Home & Business Services employee. 

Last but not least, he mentions a very important, yet delicate aspect. “Finding a high-quality rug begins with finding a high-quality dealer. A reputable dealer doesn’t sell products made with child labor, they only sell carpets made by adult artists”, the employee concludes. 

Apart from carpet cleaning in Fredericksburg VA, Home & Business Services also offers professional cleaning services (commercial, residential – maid service, air duct, windows), home maintenance (        staining and painting, power washing, gutter cleaning, junk removal, yard work), handyman services (carpentry – molding installation, ceiling repair, drywall installation/repair, ceramic tile installation/repair, deck repair, fence fixing, door installation/repair, dryer vent installation/cleaning, flooring installation/repair, insulation installation), and turnkey services.

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