Creating substantial content, one of the most important SEO services

A lot of online business owners or entrepreneurs who want to grow their websites and make them more visible on Google, even those who are pretty good at SEO, ignore the importance and advantages that creating substantial content could offer them. Instead, they choose to concentrate almost obsessively on the technical aspects of Search Engine Optimization.

In fact, they rather deny the evidence, taking into consideration that people who have even the slightest tangent with this domain know that, for several years, SEO is not even close to being a strictly technical activity since user experience has an increasing weight in determining the positions in SERP (Search Engine Results Pages), compared to “thanking” the search engine crawlers.

One of the reasons entrepreneurs knowingly ignore the SEO services of quality copywriting (and quantity, as we will see further) is the fact that such content is hard to produce and time-consuming, even if its benefits are equally great.

Therefore, they prefer to resort to all kinds of “stratagems” regarding their website’s on-page optimization, growing their rankings somehow artificially, without having a solid foundation for long-term results. Studies conducted by international companies specialized in SEO, as well the opinion of every online marketing expert, including Google employees, lead to a single conclusion: when we are talking about content, it’s certain that we couldn’t apply the famous saying that “Less is more”.

What should you aim for in copywriting SEO services?

Blog articles of over 3.000 words (about 6 pages, at a normal font size) bring 3 times more traffic, 4 times more shares, and 3.5 times more backlinks than those of average length (900 to 1.200 words). In fact, one of the best-known companies specialized in SEO services, PPC, content marketing, and social media marketing in the world conducted a study on 1.2 million blog articles, from websites with moderate to high traffic, reaching the following conclusions:

– articles with truly substantial content, of over 7.000 words, are the absolute performance leaders, bringing 4 times more traffic than medium length ones;

– articles with a complex and well-organized structure (H2, H3, H4 headings) perform much better, both in terms of traffic and engagement, than those without H2s;

– slightly longer titles, of up to 10-13 words, bring 2 times more traffic and 1.5 times more shares than titles shorter than 7 words, shows the company specialized in SEO services;

– articles that include at least one image bring 2 times more traffic, 1.3 times more shares, and 1.2 times more backlinks than “text-only” ones;

– articles that don’t include any video bring 2 times less traffic, and those that don’t include any list (or bullet enumeration, such as this one) bring 2 times less traffic and 1.5 times fewer shares.

In other… words, if you want to maintain your high rankings in Google for a long time after you reach them, you have to make sure that the SEO services you contract include high-quality copywriting, according to today’s optimization requirements and practices.

By the way, we didn’t choose the word “substantial” by chance in the title of this article since the content created for users and search engines has to be substantial, both literally and figuratively: long, interesting, relevant, original, and, last but not least, well structured, to ensure readability.

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