You can always do a little more: why talk to your members outside your cam studio shifts?

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 Working inside a cam studio is nothing like a 9 to 5 job: first of all, your schedule is flexible, meaning that you can choose your shifts so that you can also take care of your personal life, family, and friends; secondly, non-adult online modeling is anything but boring, with a lot of new and interesting stuff to find out every day about your members; last but not least, this activity is much better paid than any office job you could imagine.

However, the fact that working in a cam studio is not your typical job also means that you have to go the extra mile to make a difference and stand out in front of your colleagues. As you already know, ambition and perseverance are very appreciated in the industry, and the truth is that it takes so little to prove your qualities and make more money out of them. After all, this is the ultimate reason you started this career, even if you also want to help your members feel less lonely and become better people.

Therefore, returning to the question in the title of this article, why should you talk to your members outside your cam studio shifts? First of all, we must emphasize that we are not, by all means, talking about a personal relationship with them, but rather continuing or maintaining your professional bond throughout the day, not only during working hours. This can be achieved by logging into your profile from your smartphone and just checking on your members, thanking them for their compliments, or wishing them a good night.

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“Hi, girls! I have a question: do you ever log in from your smartphone? If so, how do you make it the most attractive?”, Amelya from asked on a private forum dedicated to young women activating in the cam studio industry. Soon, answers came pouring in. “Hi! Yes, I do it quite often. I try to change my routine and not do the same things I do when I log in from my PC. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Most of the time, the smartphone allows you to be more natural than when you log in from your PC”, Anna D answered. 

On the other hand, Mallorie put her finger on the problem with her comment. “Hello, I also log in quite often from my smartphone because it makes members from my cam studio feel closer to me. I think that going online from my smartphone is more personal than logging in with the webcam. Of course, you don’t make as much money, but you strengthen the bond with your members. Good luck!”, she said. 

In other words, when you go online outside your cam studio shifts, from your smartphone, you help tighten the connection with your members and make them more loyal. Following you everywhere, you can be sure they will be eager to spend more money during your private sessions from work.

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