Why Watches Are the Ultimate Gift

It’s September and that means only one thing – December and, more importantly, Christmas is just a stone’s throw away. And although it has been a rough year (to put it mildly) for most people, Christmas is always a time of celebration and coming together. Of course, that also means presents!

If you’re listing down the things you need to buy for your loved ones, you know how easy it is to run out of gift ideas. Don’t worry, this article will help you.

Particularly, this article will convince you why watches are the perfect gift for just about anyone. You don’t believe it? Well, here are five undeniable reasons watches are the ultimate gift.


Straight up, you can easily spend thousands of dollars buying a luxury watch for that really special someone. Or you can also go the practical route and get a simpler one for a fraction of the price. But whatever price range a watch is, it would still most likely be valuable.

Some watches in the $100 price range still have some resale value. That’s because watches, when properly cared for can last you a really long time.

You can also get pre-loved watches at a discount. You can visit some jewelers and choose an item that matches both your taste and your budget. If you have a particularly keen eye, you can even get a valuable watch at steal-level prices.

Have you ever thrown away a watch that had been given to you as a gift? Exactly.


People always keep the watches they receive as gifts. Aside from being valuable, watches are also very useful. Sure, everyone nowadays has a phone to do pretty much anything even the most highly advanced watch can do. So, why do people still wear watches?

Well, for one, because if you’re just checking the time, watches are the most convenient way to do so. Imagine a cramped commute to work. Every breathe is a battle of attrition. Wouldn’t it be easier to check the time using your watch than taking the phone out of your pocket or your bag? Of course it is.


But it’s not all about value or even usefulness. Some still wear their watches because it matches their whole ensemble. Watches have become part of the modern look.

Aside from keeping you on time, wearing a watch gives a person that sophisticated look. It also makes you more confident. In fact, according to Urban Men Outfits, wearing a watch to a job interview is one of those subtle and subconscious ways of letting your interviewer know you mean business.

Now, it’s not unusual to have a range of watches to wear to different occasions. Matching your watch to your overall look is an art in itself. If you need help with this, here’s the Gentleman’s Gazette to show you the ropes.


Watches are one of those things that, if they’re given to you, it would really be difficult to forget the person who did it.

For one, there’s a constant reminder of the person right there on your wrist. You may not remember the person every single time you check what time it is, but if you give it a second, you’ll surely always get flashbacks of the gift.

But even if you don’t wear the watch that frequently, you’ll still always remember how it was a gift every time you see the item. It’s one of those phenomena that just is. It might also be linked to how watches are always valuable.

Whatever the reason is, watches as gifts will always be memorable.


Pardon the pun, but whatever state of the technology of timekeeping is, watches will never be obsolete. They have become such a staple in fashion and in culture. Some watches have even become iconic symbols of social status.

If you ever need more proof of how timeless watches are, just remember that even now, when virtually any electronic device can tell the time, automatic watches and even pocket watches still exist, and people still purchase and use them.

You probably own a couple and still use them. You most likely have that special watch to match your suit or dress, reserved only for the chicest of occasions.

All the reasons stated here are true and are self-evident. Deep in your heart you know that watches are the ultimate gift. They’re valuable, useful, memorable, elegant, and they never go out of style.

What are you waiting for? Check your watch. Isn’t it time to shop for the ideal gift this Christmas season?

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