What are some of the types of art jamming?


If you are just getting started with art jamming, there is no way for you to know what art jamming is all about and if there are different types of art jamming to be considered. Although art jamming is an activity that can be done by groups, there are different variations on how art jamming can be conducted. Although art jamming Singapore is mainly done on canvas, it can also be done on other types of mediums. Here are some of the types of art jamming that you are likely to come across

Individual art jamming

This is the first type of art jamming that you should expect to find in an art jamming workshop. Individual art jamming is a kind of activity that requires individuals to paint their art on a canvas. This is done in the presence of other people in your group. This type of art jamming is important for individuals who need to focus on their skills and creativity. In this type of art jamming, brainstorming is the most important part of them all. Brainstorming is done before you even think of picking a brush. Although individual art jamming is done by individual people, this doesn’t mean that it is tough. The main idea is to have fun, enjoy, and be motivated.

Group art jamming

Apart from the individual art jamming Singapore, the second type of art jamming is group art jamming. Just as the name suggests, this is the type of art jamming that is done by a group of people. It will take a group effort for a piece of art to be successful. Although everyone will be provided by a separate canvas, everyone’s canvas will be brought together to form one piece of art.

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