Owning a cosmetic laser is a significant investment that makes your facility recognized for offering high-level laser services and keeping patients satisfied. An FDA-approved laser is a great tool for medical or cosmetic treatments like permanent hair removal, facial rejuvenation, wrinkle reduction, tattoo removal, etc.

However, there is nothing as frustrating as hoping to start your day with a waiting bay full of clients, and your laser shows an error code. That is disappointing not only to you but also to your patients since some of them may not be willing to return later.

Therefore maintaining your laser equipment is paramount to keep it working efficiently and save money by avoiding downtimes. Here are some ways to maximize your FDA-approved laser’s lifetime.

Keep it clean

The easiest way to maintain your laser in top condition is to keep it clean. You risk exposing your laser to bacteria, dirt, and other contaminants when offering treatments. Therefore, you should invest in a specialized cleaning solution for lasers to easily clean and disinfect your equipment. You should also dust the vents with a vacuum to prevent dust and other debris. Like any other machine, a clean laser lasts longer and maintains its initial appeal.

Invest in proper storage conditions

One of the critical responsibilities of owning a system purchased from a retailer like Sentient Lasers is that you must have a suitable storage condition for storage when not in use. Keeping the laser away from direct sunlight or heat and away from moisture ensures it remains in top working condition. Investing in proper storage for your machine also ensures its safety.

Schedule regular inspections

Over time, your laser is prone to wear, and the best way to stay ahead of critical damage is to schedule regular inspections. A laser technician can inspect your equipment and pinpoint any critical problems before they occur. You should engage a qualified and experienced laser technician if you notice any issues with your laser equipment, no matter how small. The good news is that some laser providers offer reliable after-sale maintenance eliminating the hassle of looking for a laser technician.

Note the signs that your laser parts need replacements

Like many other expensive machines, some parts of your laser are prone to wear faster than others depending on the use. be diligent in noting the signs of wear on the parts of your laser equipment to schedule replacements in advance. If the device is not working as efficiently as it should, it may signal that you need to upgrade to higher technology.

Ensure preventative maintenance

Addressing your laser problems before they occur is part of preventative maintenance, preventing significant downtimes. A qualified technician should perform the maintenance, including inspecting and cleaning the machine. Ignoring preventative maintenance can only lead to severe problems in the future, for instance, costly repairs.

The end note

An FDA-approved laser is a significant investment, and you should protect it at all costs. Besides, some lasers pose a risk to the patients if they don’t function properly, and regular maintenance ensures safety and prolongs the lifespan of the laser.

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