The Increasing Demand For Virtual AGM Singapore

AGM, short for Annual General Meeting, is a meeting that is held every year by a company or a business to discuss future projects and present the yearly report of the company in front of the shareholders and the board of directors.

Need for Virtual AGM Singapore

When the Annual General Meeting is held virtually, meaning, through internet and video conferences, it is called virtual AGM. The Global pandemic has led to the lockdown and shutdown of businesses and companies all over the world. In this situation, social distancing has become the need of the hour. Virtual meetings are the only solution left for all purposes, including AGM.

But making a shift from the traditional shareholder meetings to the virtual AGM Singapore is not an easy task. This is not only because the concept is very new, but also many changes need to be made in the arrangement of online meetings. Although the virtual AGMs can be conducted with normal video conferencing or virtual webinar meetings, not all the auditing necessities can be fulfilled by this. That is where the role of webcast comes into play.

What features to look for in the virtual AGM Singapore?


To carry out a successful virtual AGM meeting, your webcast provider should be able to provide you the following features.

  • Easy registration and invitation facilities
  • Online voting and polling
  • Event analysis that includes live event and post-event analysis
  • Security components to avoid data manipulation
  • Reminders and notifications to highlight important issues.
  • Suggestion management
  • Audience engagement and question and answer sessions.

According to a survey, most of the shareholders prefer the virtual model for the conduction of AGM meetings, especially when it comes to virtual AGM Singapore because it allows them to vote easily and more conveniently in the online polling and increases their user engagement in the meeting.

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