Online Solutions for Small Business Office Supplies

Whether a small, single-person business or a major limited company, they all need essential office supplies, with many items that are required on a daily basis. For many small businesses, online ordering saves both time and money, and with free delivery to your door, it is the perfect solution. Simply find an online office supplies wholesaler and you are good to go.

Special Items

The online office supplies company would stock many things, but when you need printer toner, is the best solution, as you get the lowest prices, plus they stock toners and cartridges for every major brand of printer, and will deliver anywhere in Australia. It is always best to order two sets of what you need – that way you’ll never run out – which could cost you valuable time. IT hardware would not normally be available from an office supplies company, but there are many online IT stores, and they have more of a choice.

General Office Supplies

The following items would be available from an office supplies company:

  • Pens, pencils, magic markers, erasers, liquid ink, highlight pens and paper clips.
  • Staplers & staples, tape of various types and scissors.
  • Files & folders, receipt pads, envelopes and small boxes.
  • Paper Guillotines of all sizes
  • Plastic sealing machines.
  • Writing pads, desktop organisers and other paper items.

Office Furniture

While not all office supplies companies offer furniture, it shouldn’t be an issue finding one with a Google search, so you can invest in top-quality office chairs and a good desk, along with filing cabinets, if needed. A couple of comfortable chairs around a glass coffee table would make for an ideal waiting area, should you ever have visitors, and small half-height partitions can create private workstation areas. Open office planning is the trend right now, mainly because it encourages free and open dialogue, which is often the way problems are solved. Collaboration should be encouraged, so if you have office workers, keep things open plan.

Free Delivery

It doesn’t matter who you send to collect the office supplies, that’s time wasted from a business owner’s perspective, so look for a supplier that will deliver. Most would have a minimum order for free delivery, but if you order every few months, your list should cover that.

Creating an Account

If your business is registered, you can create an account with a local office supplies company, which could give you 30 days credit, something every small business would welcome, and regular customers might get discounts. If you have an account with a local supplier, you will never run out of any essential items and this will ensure that all matters are attended to in a timely manner.

Lower Than Retail Prices

You could go down to your nearest office supplies shop, but prices there would be a little higher than that of an online supplier, who does not have the overheads of the retailer and can therefore offer lower prices to their customers.

Online shopping offers many benefits, especially to the small business that relies heavily on office supplies.

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