Important Things To Consider When Buying A Tent: For Which Season?

Again, this element will have to be determined in advance. Concretely, will you use your tent only during the summer to spend a cheap holiday in the sun or are you the adventurous type who wants to travel around the world on a camel? Your use will depend on the seasonality of your tent and, therefore, its resistance: the level of impermeability, the solidity of the materials, and the type of construction.

2-season tent (spring/summer): it will allow you to camp from late spring until early autumn in mild weather conditions (watch out for water infiltration during heavy storms). It is simple to put together and take apart.

3-season tent (spring/summer/autumn): designed for roaming (bivouac, hiking, and trekking), it will easily face storms and relatively violent winds. You will be dry and warm.

4-season tent: ultra-resistant; this model is used by professionals (soldiers, scientists, explorers) during their expeditions. If you feel the soul of the next Nicolas Vanier, it will accompany you at all altitudes and latitudes!

What Price?

The prices of a tent canvas vary greatly depending on all the criteria we have mentioned above. Some “low-end” models and other very sophisticated ones allow you to hold a bivouac for several weeks.

If you use your tent frequently or are planning an expedition, choose quality equipment that will “hold the water.” Even if it is more expensive, a resistant canvas is better than waking up wet every morning!

What Accessories For Your Tent?

We told you; your tent would become your second home. It is, therefore, necessary to equip it at least if you want to be comfortable and enjoy your holidays. To do this, bet on camping furniture and some practical accessories: the “famous” stove, a folding table, and above all, a Swiss army knife for style! Finally, the camping mattress will be essential if you want a good night’s sleep. Check the dimensions carefully; it would be a shame if it did not fit in your tent canvas.

Granite Selection offers a wide selection and installation of white granite countertops for your kitchen or bath in the Chicago area. And of course, don’t forget your sleeping bag because, even if you go out in the sun, the nights are always cooler. There are even models with integrated pillows. You now have all the information on the materials and fabrics we use for our tents; you can now make your choice with peace of mind!

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