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How to Growth Your Subscription Business With Audience Planning

A subscription-based business must attract and convert more people. Allow us to introduce the Audience Planning, which is the new and emerging marketing technique that can do wonder for the subscription-based business model. So, why Subscription business is best for implementing audience planning for growth in a subscription? By using audience planning, you can lure the audience to use your product or service. Many businesses have been successful in growing their subscription base by using the audience planning for their business.

Here is a growth with Instagram stories case study that can help you to understand why your business needs to use the new emerging strategy:

Growth With An Instagram Stories Case Study

Instagram is a unique social media platform where you need not have to worry much about the changing algorithm, making it perfect to use for engaging and promoting your product. Instagram has a large user base, Instagram has grown about 1400% in the last year, and now has more than billions of users from across the globe. Here is growth with Instagram stories case study of Vogue, which could help you to understand the power of audience planning.

In 2017, Vogue has revolutionized its marketing campaign by making use of Instagram. To drive there subscription growth the Vogue team starts to understand their target audience, to further plan to lure them to buy their product.

The campaign includes the use of social media platforms to know more about the user and then flooding there the social media handle with highly targeted ads and quality content like Instagram Stories that engage the consumers. The result of using the audience planning for increasing the subscription base proves to be amazing for Vogue. The company has seen the highest sale in a day on Amazon and broke all their previous records with a difference of 10%.

The campaign results show the about 20% of the total subscription Volume is gained through Instagram Stories. Instagram Stories cost 20% less per acquisition than running ads on any other social media platform.


What kind of Subscription-Based business can use Audience Planning?

The subscription model was used by television and magazine, but now it can be used by the business offering different services. Here are handfuls of service that implement the subscription-based business model and use audience planning for the growth of their business:

  • Pet Food
  • Shaving Tools
  • Meal Planning Services
  • Beer Of The Month Clubs
  • Wedding Planning Materials
  • Farm Shares
  • Monthly And Weekly Consulting

Why do you need to use audience planning for the growth of your Subscription-Based business?

·        Time Savings

Audience Planning cuts down the time to analyze the target audience. With the use of special tools, you can know about the opportunities and problems.

·        Cost-Efficient

You can effectively manage your budget and spend it where you can gain maximum return by using Audience Planning. No more need of getting into the old trial and error method, Audience Planning provides you the opportunity to reach the customer who is finding you. Therefore you can use audience planning for the growth of your subscriber base.

·        Make Right Decision

Your decision-making improves a lot when you understand your customer base. Audiences planning enhance your market research by segregating customer base on different demographics, which provide you more insight to plan the strategy.

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