Diamonds on Kpop Idols

It is no secret that when it comes to entertainment – Korean Pop is known to be one of the brightest.  Beginning from their sought-after cosmetic and skincare industry down to their fashion sense, one can truly say that Kpop houses one of the world’s top trends for the past decade.

With their luxurious and one of a kind outfits on the stage, these artists are known for their endless endorsements of luxury brands. And when it comes to luxury, diamonds will always be a no brainer. Take a glimpse onto Korean pop idols who had worn diamonds throughout the past years:

  1. Tiffany & Co. Diamond Necklace worn by BLACKPINK Rosé

BLACKPINK is by far the most sought girl group around the world. This is why it is not a surprise that each member has the capability to wear diamonds. Main vocalist Rosé wore a $885,000 Tiffany & Co. necklace for the recent W Korean photoshoot last October. The magazine is known for fashion trends and entertainment which fitted the main vocalist well as she flaunts the diamonds with her timeless beauty in a black dress.

  1. Tasaki Spinner Necklace worn by Red Velvet Joy

Tasaki is a luxury jewellery brand from the home of natural environment and seascape – Japan. The brand is known for their advanced diamond polishing techniques and owning the finest quality pearls. That is why seeing it on one of the most sought girl group member of this generation, Red Velvet Joy is not at all surprising. This $374,364 Spinner Necklace was worn by the idol-actress last July when she attended the 26th Dream Concert.

  1. Messika Shards of Mirror Set worn by Jessica Jung

It is no secret that the Korean pop of this generation had rooted from Korea’s number one girl group before the industry even boomed around the globe – Girls Generation. Former member Jessica Jung, founder of the luxury fashion line BLANC & ECLARE, shows the extension of her love of modern classic fashion by founding her own brand.

Which is why when she attended the 2018 Cannes Film Festival, many have expected to see her embraced by diamonds. Messika, an opulent French jewelry brand, popular for its diamond expertise, showcased their collection ‘Shards of Mirror’ as Jessica flaunted it at the event. This $824,700 set was worn in full which includes earrings, necklace, bracelet, and ring.

  1. Shay Diamond Chain Necklace worn by BLACKPINK Jennie

When it comes to diamonds and luxury items, no one in the Kpop industry would not think of this generation’s Human Chanel. Main rapper Jennie has been the current fashion industry’s favorite. She is known for her partnership with Chanel and elegant-chic fashion style.

Over the last quarter of 2020 as they pre-release their full album The Album, music video of their title track How You Like That showed Jennie wearing a $77,700 chain necklace made up of 18k white gold and diamonds. Needless to say, she really is the walking Chanel.

  1. Damiani Juliette Collection Diamond Necklace worn by Red Velvet Irene

One can never forget a top-tier visual but it is another to remember an idol with such beauty wearing something visually pleasing as well. Fans around the world were in awe upon arrival of main visual and leader Irene when she hosted the 2019 KBS Music Festival wearing an attention-grabbing diamond necklace worth $232,000. Given that her visuals are already a stunner, it didn’t help that she wore such elegant necklace that surely melted everyone’s hearts.

As shining idols, diamonds have always been one of the staple accessories Kpop idols are given and flaunted. This then makes it a good advertisement for luxurious brands out there who longs for a wider range of audience, knowing that Korean entertainment have gone worldwide.

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