Choosing The Best International School For Your Teenager In Bangkok

When you move to Bangkok with your family, including a teenager, you will want to find a suitable international school for them to attend. There are plenty of choices available in Bangkok, with various international schools of differing qualities of education. Below are some factors you may wish to consider when looking for a school that can help you make an informed decision and ensure that your child gets a quality education.

Look At The Locations

The school’s location is a vital factor to consider, as the traffic moves slowly in Bangkok, so you will want to ensure that the daily commute is manageable. Some schools have more than one campus, so you will need to ensure you look at suitable ones in the area you live. For example, you can search for an international school, Bangna campus, if you live on the east side of the city, or choose a location close to you and search for the international schools in your area.

Look At The Curriculums On Offer

You may have a preference of curriculum that the school uses to teach, and there are many options available at international schools in Bangkok. Some of the most popular ones include:

  • British
  • American
  • Australian
  • Singaporean
  • German
  • French
  • International

Select the curriculums that interest you the most, and compare these to the international schools you have found in your local area, and work out which ones suit you best.

Look At The Fees

You will also need to look at the different fees that the schools charge and see which ones you can afford to send your child to for their education. As well as the term fees, there will be an administration charge when your child joins, and you will also need to factor in uniforms, meals, and transport costs. Once you know how much each school will cost, you can then work out which one suits your child and your requirements best.

Making Your Decision

When you have done all your research and shopped around the various international schools in Bangkok, it is now time to decide which one to send your child to for their education. There may be one school that stands out for you, or there may be a few that you are finding it hard to choose between them. Try including your child in the decision process, and you can help ensure that they will be happy in their new school. You may also wish to start saving for university and ensure your child takes their education as far as possible.

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