5 Tips to Follow to Capture Instagram worthy Photos of your Engagement Ring

If you have stumbled upon this article today, the odds are that you are engaged or your man has finally proposed to you and you cannot wait to show it off to the world. Or better the case, you cannot wait to show off the engagement ring in Singapore your partner slid into your finger on your Instagram profile in the most pleasing of the ways, in a way to make it look as dreamy as it was in the real. And why shouldn’t you? But before you jump the gun and post a photo of your ring on social media, you should contain your excitement for a tad bit and refer to this article first. This announcement should speak volumes with the way you do it and must always touch souls, and this article will help you do just that.

  • To selfie, or not to selfie

First things first. You need to determine what kind of photo it would be. It can be a selfie, or just a normal picture or a photo of your hands. Decide what you want.

  • Decide how to pose

Once you have determined what exactly you want for your pose, then you have to determine which pose suits you both. You need to strut the ring in a right way. So always have a few options ready and then select the best one.

  • Ensure that your hands and nails are well groomed

As you will be showing your ring off on the social media, so you certainly don’t want to show chipped nail paint or dirty nails to strut the rock with. So always get a manicure session or just have your nails filed in a tip top shape and get it done in a beautiful nail color to make your photo look dreamy at its best.

  • Lighting does matter

This one goes without saying. Good lighting always makes sure that the photo looks ten times better than the one which is clicked under proper lighting. So ensure that while you are capturing a photo, it looks amazing. Speaking of which, natural lighting is the best.

  • The background matters too

Have you considered a background where you will be posing at? Is it rustic or modern? Would you like it to be more scenic or just the sea? If it is just the photo of your hand, would you be fine with the imaginative flat lay? Visualize how you would want your photo to feel like and then accordingly select the background.

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