What Are Griddler Puzzles?

Griddler, nonogram, picross, hanjie, or picture cross puzzles are all different names for one single puzzle, i.e., paint by numbers. The primary objective of this game is to unleash the hidden image according to the figures mentioned outside. These numbers give you a head start and are the first step to beginning this classic logic puzzle.

For those who do not know, the game was invented by Non Ishida, a Japanese graphics editor who came up with the brilliant idea of creating a design with skyscraper lights that could be turned on and off. Eventually, she turned her idea into a magazine game, and it got really popular amongst people for its originality and creativity.

Griddlers, today, work on the same basis but have evolved on the visual front. From just being a paper and pen game, it is now available at the click of a few buttons. You can play the griddler puzzles online on your computer or laptop or install any mobile application for your smartphone or tablet.

If you are a gaming enthusiast and want to try your hands on an original game like griddlers, we have an application that will solve the purpose. by Easybrain

To challenge yourself each day, you do not have to exhaust yourself physically – sometimes, a simple game can be enough. Griddler is one of those games – it is exciting, stimulating, and also entertaining at the same time. Once you master the craft of solving a nonogram puzzle, you will never want to look at any other game. It will certainly make your brain go WOW. The sense of accomplishment and to be able to test your problem-solving skills takes things to another level.

Don’t worry if you are not good at solving such logical puzzles – it’s just a matter of time, patience, dedication, attentiveness, and practice. Nonogram puzzles get extremely demanding but to stay at it and maintain your cool is the ultimate idea. The picture cross puzzles are highly rewarding, and unique rewards will keep you going at every level.

So, choose the level accordingly – easy for beginners, medium for enthusiasts, and hard for the pros. Darken all the correct squares, and reveal the hidden pixel art. The grid can be of any size, and clues keep prompting if you get stuck with any cells. Daily challenges keep you involved in the game, and seasonal challenges are even more exciting. The only trick that works with griddlers is – no guesswork. It can create havoc in your puzzle, and you might not want to afford to make mistakes. The numbers on the left and top indicate what all boxes you must paint alongside. Once you figure out the entire puzzle, mark the left out boxes with a cross and voila – your puzzle is complete.


The game is easy to play but gets quite challenging as it levels up. The app by Easybrain has a straightforward and clean interface. The crossword is an excellent stress buster, and you can also get your friends along to help you solve the puzzle and have a great time. Download the game on your Android or iOS smartphone and discover the mysteries of a griddler puzzle!

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