Evan Rubinson Leading the Way In the Music Industry

When it comes to the business of making and selling instruments and accessories for musicians, Evan Rubinson has extensive expertise. Evan’s passion for music propelled him to the position of President of prominent music companies by the time he was 25 years old: Luna and ddrum Percussion, all of which he now owns in part.

After leaving day-to-day operations of Luna and ddrum Percussion, Evan Rubinson achieved success with his own musical accessories and instruments conglomerate, ERA Music Brands. Evan’s day-to-day duties as a company founder and brand creator range from the most mundane, operational parts of running a business to the most difficult, high-level strategic challenges. Throughout his years of working in the music business, Evan has been featured in a wide variety of print and online media, including Guitar World, Guitar Player,, Vintage Guitar, Drum, Digital Drum, and Music Inc. , Guitar Girl, Young Guitar, Music Trades, Music & Sound Retailer, Tampa Magazine, and Marquis Who is Who.

Evan Rubinson has been in the music business for a while now, and he also has a Bachelor of Arts from Duke University, where he majored in economics and finance and where he worked until he founded Koroit Capital, a hedge fund specializing in healthcare.

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Evan is the CIO of the Koroit Capital Fund, and he also owns and manages a number of commercial real estate assets in the Southeast area of the United States, so he is clearly not done following his dreams of being a successful real estate and biotechnology investor.

Evan is on the boards of the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) and the Duke University Alumni Admissions Advisory Committee (AAAC). His additional charitable works include contributions to the Mike Calta Family Foundation, the Southeastern Guide Dogs, the Wounded Warriors, and the Tampa Bay Humane Society. Besides being a proud Duke University and Tampa Jesuit High School graduate, Evan is also a generous benefactor to both institutions.

In a recent interview, Evan Rubinson answered questions regarding the inspiration for his present career as well as ones designed to give insight into the workings of this intelligent businessman and leader.

Asked where the inspiration for his career originated from, Evan recalls how he grew up around music with his father, who was also in the music business. Says Evan, “I grew up around music, playing instruments, and seeing firsthand the business aspect of this industry. After being the President of a multinational musical instrument company, it was a natural fit to infuse my own musical instrument and musical accessories conglomerate.”

As far as the future goes, Evan Rubinson is excited about the new trend of blockchain technology. “The underlying technology is intriguing,” says Rubinson. “It will be very interesting to see where it takes us.” Indeed, it will be equally interesting to see where Evan Rubinson will lead the music industry into the future. Read more about Evan Rubinson on

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