3 Reasons Why Your Company Should Migrate to a Data Centre

In today’s modern market, business owners must always be at the top of their game, making important decisions quickly. Because of this, acquisition and analysis of accurate data has never been more important.

This trend will continue to grow as technology keeps on improving the way things are done, inevitably increasing the complexity at the same time. Along with this, the need for data storage would only become more and more intense.

For businesses to survive and even thrive in an increasingly digital world, they must turn to modern solutions such as data centres. Migration to a data centre can be complex, costly, and ridden with pitfalls if not implemented well. But the benefits far outweigh all difficulties that may come with such an undertaking. Here are some of them:

A Cost-saving Solution

As industries become heavily dependent on information for all business activities, having reliable and consistent access to key data offers a great advantage. However, interruptions such as power outages present a unique challenge that many companies are not equipped to face in the context of data storage.

Each year, loss of billions of dollars takes place due to unstable power conditions. While generators and surge suppressors are becoming more powerful, they could not stand up to the requirements of data storage applications in preventing losses when the power goes out. What is more, they require a significant amount of energy to start up and maintain. This often leads to power costs that are hard to justify whether you are a business owner or an investor.

On the other hand, data centres use systems that could withstand power fluctuations and other electrical disturbances. They maintain uninterrupted accessibility and reduce power costs at the same time. The combined reduction in energy costs and the financial repercussions of data losses is much more substantial than the investment required.

More Efficient Data Storage

As your business continues to grow, running it becomes more complex. Understandably, the amount of information that can be collected from it would also increase. If the growth of your company outpaces your ability to store and analyse additional data, it puts you in a vulnerable position, forcing you to create temporary and convoluted solutions. More often than not, this prevents any further growth in your business. It may even lead to a deterioration in your growing company’s performance.

Migrating to data centres would be a game-changer, even when you are already in this situation. The initiative will require consolidation and evaluation of your existing data storage processes, giving you the perfect opportunity to identify and eliminate inefficiencies that are hard to see when dealing with data sprawl. This optimises your data storage capability right away while preparing your system for future developments.

Enhanced Security

In any industry, a company is vulnerable to attacks as long as it has data that can impact the business. Protecting this critical information is paramount. Preventing any breach or break-in, or at least mitigating the losses from it could mean the difference between a business going down and being able to operate with confidence.

Moving to a secure and updated data centre is the fastest and most reliable way to secure data. Whether it is cloud-based or is in a physical facility, a modern data centre has the latest security protocols, procedures, and measures that can identify and strengthen any weaknesses in the system.

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